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Kingdom Purpose Partners is a Christian non-profit (501-C) that searches for Kingdom-Minded Ministries and covers the fees associated with spreading the Gospel to the world on Kingdom Purpose Radio.


We realize that thousands of ministries are spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ; they wish to reach a greater audience for the Kingdom but may not have the budget to expand to Radio or. Your gifts will cover the cost for those such ministries.


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Business sponsorship


When your business sponsors air time, you allow ministries to focus exclusively on preaching the Gospel and not have to worry about the cost associated with spreading the Kingdom's message on the air.







With a $40 monthly gift, you can help absorb the cost of broadcasting fees. You can sponsor as many time slots as you wish.

With your monthly commitment, Kingdom Purpose TV or Kingdom Purpose Radio will recognize your business with 15 weekly 20 seconds commercial spots. These ads will be shown or heard on all platforms that stream Kingdom Purpose TV.


Kingdom Purpose TV will place your business on our sponsor's page on our website, which receives over 500,000 views monthly, informing viewers where they can support your business.


Because we are 501(c) approved, you can write off your donation at the end of the year. (Please check with your tax preparer on how to take tax advantages.)

become a
kingdom partner

When you pledge to give any amount monthly, you automatically become a Kingdom Purpose Partner. We aim to reach the world for Christ on as many streaming devices as possible. Your donations will help us spread the message to other media platforms.







All partners receive a monthly KPP Newsletter, are invited to the private Facebook group where our ministry leaders will pray with you on a monthly prayer call, and be available for quarterly leadership training taught by one of the KP TV/Radio broadcasters.


Your monthly gift will ensure that we will continue to further the Kingdom's message worldwide.

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share the

We know it takes money to operate a successful network. But none of this means anything if we don't continue to tell others about Kingdom Purpose TV/Radio.


Letting others know about us generates more viewers, which helps us expand the station.


There are many ways to learn about KP TV/Radio. Click here to see how to watch.


Download and share the KP TV app!

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©2022 by Kingdom Purpose Partners

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